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The GWRI-BFIC is staffed by a Librarian and Information Specialist Mrs. Ella Offenberger and is managed by Prof. Galil Noah. A computer specialist and hired students help in running the BFIC, introducing material into its databases, and managing its web site.

GWRI-BFIC inside
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A "Who's Who in the Israeli Water Sector" listing individuals and organizations can be accessed through the GWRI-BFIC website. It currently lists some 1242 individuals and 425 companies, and is accessible through the GWRI-BFIC's web site.

The GWRI-BFIC is connected to the international information super-highway and its database is available on the Internet. The GWRI-BFIC subscribes to international information services. Access to the GWRI-BFIC is via the web site:

Recent publications by the GWRI-BFIC include:

  • Abstracts of research theses on wastewater treatment
  • Proceedings of a workshop on state of the art and needs for information in the water sector in Israel
  • Proceedings of five workshops:
    • Water and Soil Salinization and Possible Solutions
    • Pre-Treatment & Post Treatment Technologies in Desalination
    • The Coastal Aquifer Management
    • Environmental Engineering, Water & Infrastructure
    • Master Plan for Israel's Water Sector
  • Water Research Institute -Research summaries 1994-1998
  • Palestinian-Jordanian-Israeli Cooperative Project (PJIP) on wastewater treatment and re-use
  • Palestinian-Jordanian-Israeli Cooperative Project- From raw sewage to valuable effluent wastewater treatment and re-use

The GWRI-BFIC initiated the formation of the Israel Water Information Centers Association (IWICA), composed of libraries and information centers in academic, research and governmental institutes connected to water issues.

Waternet Project: The Norwegian government sponsors a regional electronic information system on water related issues - Waternet. It is based on several nodes in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. GWRI-BFIC serves as the main node and professional leader in Waternet-Israel.

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